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Analysis of Progressive Web Metrics – Why This Has Significant Importance

Long page loading time during browsing irritates many internet users. Furthermore, measuring the performance of a loading page is not a simple task. To get rid of this problem, Google community has taken a step. The Google Developers started working in a team which is merely focusing on the Progressive Web Metrics (PWM’s). Now you must be thinking that what are Progressive Web Metrics and...

Analysis of Quantum Computing Technology and its Evolution

We are well aware of the daily technological advancements and that they are now, more than ever, taking place at breathtaking speeds. Failure to keep abreast of these developments would mean that we will not be able to take advantage of these latest technological breakthroughs. Our craving for faster processing power and huge computer capacity is never-ending and we will always opt for faster...

Digital Assets Classification- A Critical approach

In the era of latest technology, the hot issue which is being often faced by many investors and executives is that how their digital assets would be treated by higher regulatory authorities. After the evolution of blockchain technology, everyone is struggling to be a part of this money generating chain. And somewhat they are also getting their target market by achieving their projected profits...

An unfettered international financial market with a multi million USD market share, most definitely!

One would wonder why scammers would craft a rip-off utilising Ethereum. Let’s just say that it is commercial free will. It is big enough for anyone to disappear in front of your very eyes.   Pyramid Schemes For starters, allow me to touch base on pyramid schemes. Ethereum permits a person to implement smart contracts which permit you to stringently impose the accomplishment of a pyramid...

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I am a webtrepreneur, full stack developer and a technology evangelist. I have been coding from a young age. I also speak to databases and make servers do what I say, I am passionate about continuous learning. I thrive on challenges that require lateral thinking – no matter what language or technology. I have founded and Co-founded a number of startups and have created SaaS web applications for different industries. I am currently open to discussing and explore other opportunities.

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