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Abandonment Rate: Whenever Your Users Choose to Leave


Most of us have discontinued a service before. Waiting in an unmoving line can certainly make us impatient, until eventually we give up and discontinue. Most of us will abandon the line and do not finish the task we wanted to execute. We all experience annoyance and discouragement.Precisely the same thing can occur with websites. If users believe your website was helpful and speedy, they will...

Trimmed and Toned:Website Efficiency Matters


This series, called Trimmed and Toned, investigates the reasons behind bloated as well as sluggish websites. Dissecting which assets of the page are essential, which might be good to possess, and which often are not required whatsoever and could be removed to reduce some weight. It can help an individual determine what causes websites to become sluggish, and ways to seek out effectiveness while...

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I am a webtrepreneur, full stack developer and a technology evangelist. I have been coding from a young age. I also speak to databases and make servers do what I say, I am passionate about continuous learning. I thrive on challenges that require lateral thinking – no matter what language or technology. I have founded and Co-founded a number of startups and have created SaaS web applications for different industries. I am currently open to discussing and explore other opportunities.

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